The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) wants to put up a five-foot tall statue to commemorate the hundred chickens that perished in a semi-truck crash nearly two weeks ago.

A large flatbed semi-truck carrying about 5,400 Foster Farms chickens in crates bound for Kelso, Washington, tipped over because -- according to investigators -- the driver tried to take a corner too fast.

The driver suffered only minor injuries, and news reports say only a handful of the birds died in the July 9 accident.

PETA Spokesperson Danielle Katz says the 5-foot structure would weigh about 250 pounds and be located at the crash site at the intersection of Commercial and Division streets in Salem.

Apparently PETA would pay for the statue and its installation. The city council will have to approve of the plan and news reports did not indicate which way they were leaning on the subject.

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