Last Sunday,  July 23rd, the new Driving Under the Influence of Electronics law went into effect. But as people read it, a lot more is being uncovered. It now appears it's the Driving Under the Influence of Electronics, Coffee, Beverages, Food, Blinking--Lord knows what else.

A new petition has been launched at calling for a re-write to the law. The petition, started by a woman named Angela Cruz, currently has over 28,000 signatures and is seeking at least enough to get legislators to re-write the bill.

Most people don't mind the electronics part. We've had anti-digital driving laws for a number of years, this would just be a minor adjustment. But now, a person can legally be ticketed for eating, drinking and even grooming (brushing or adjusting their hair) while behind the wheel.  Even smoking could land you a $99 ticket.

This has created a storm of controversy on social media and elsewhere. Opponents call it the most invasive example of the Nanny State in WA history. It's not the digital part that has people up in arms, it's all the other activities.

To view and sign the petition if you wish, click here.

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