Hmmm...there's a lot of different ways we could go with this, but we will play it straight.  As straight as we can. Many of you know we have a state bird, the Goldfinch; state fruit which is the apple; and contrary to some opinions, the state vegetable is not Gov. Inslee but the Walla Walla Sweet Onion. But how about a state shroom?

A Democratic Representative from Olympia, supported by 12 other Reps from the West side, have introduced a bill that would designate an official Washington State Mushroom, or fungi.

According to HB 1812, the pine mushroom, technically known as Tricholoma Magnivalare, should be the choice. They are typically found growing under or around pine trees in the forest. They are said to smell like Red Hots candy or dirty socks.

The bill states that the pine mushroom, reportedly known for it's distinct smell and delicious flavor is also "an important part of the Washington state ecosystem, due to it's integral relationship with Washington state forests."

The bill was introduced in the House on Monday,  like many others, headed to committee.

And no, they are not considered hallucinagenic. Perhaps once they are done with this difficult task they can resume the process of trying to pass fiscally responsible legislation.


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