Considering the Washington State Senate is controlled by the GOP, this will is not likely to go anywhere. But it reflects yet another facet of the Democratic party working to actively and openly defy Federal immigration laws, and oppose the policies of the Trump Administration.

Democratic Senator David Frockt of Seattle introduced Senate Bill (SB) 5852, which would prevent the state militia (National and State Guard) from participating in any Federal efforts to locate or apprehend illegal immigrants.

The bill, which is remarkably short for a piece of legislation, states the following:

"The Governor shall not enter into any written agreements with the United States Attorney General under the authority provided in 8 U.S.C. (United States Code) Section 1357(g) of the immigration and nationality act that enables the organized militia of the state as defined in R.C.W. (The Revised Code of Washington) to perform federal immigration law enforcement functions in Washington state."

11 other Democratic Senators have signed onto the bill, but it's expected the Coalition, which consists of 24 GOP Senators and one Democrat, will shut it down. This bill reflects policies already on the books in Seattle that openly defy immigration laws and hinder federal enforcement efforts by no cooperating with ICE or other officials in their efforts.

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