The newest marijuana store in the Columbia Basin could be looking at license suspension or other punishment for selling marijuana to a minor.

The Washington State Liquor Control Board just released their periodic compliance report, and it shows The Bake Shop in Prosser sold marijuana to one of the Board's underage "investigative aides."

These are people ages 18-20 who agree to work with the board by attempting to purchase alcohol or marijuana (and sometimes tobacco by younger workers) in convenience and other retail stores.

If the underage person is successful in making an illegal purchase, the Liquor Control Board can issue any number of punishments or fines. These range from temporary suspension of their license and monetary fines, to even pulling the license indefinitely. It depends upon the severity of the offense.

Most of the stores that are 'caught' are first-time offenders, but others have had their license suspended for some time.  Often, store workers who make the sale are terminated by their employer.

Officials didn't release specifics in the Bake Shop case, saying only the store did sell pot to an underage person.