Little has been heard from Rachel Dolezal, since she was 'removed' or asked to resign from the leadership position of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP in 2015.

Dolezal was considered an up and coming leader in the organization, and sometimes drew attention for her pointed comments about today's society and race relations. However, she was essentially forced out of the NAACP role when it was uncovered that she was actually white. The story created quite a stir and was extensively covered for a while by national media.

She was raised as a white child, and only began to 'modify' her appearance as she grew older, identifying as a black person. She was immediately criticized as a fraud, and all but disappeared.

Friday, under pressure from students and others, Yakima Valley College cancelled it's invitation to have her speak February 6th at an event helping to celebrate Black History Month at the school.  A number of students openly opposed her visit, some labeling her as a "fraud."

She was scheduled to deliver a lecture at the school, but officials say the cancellation of that event will not affect any other February Black History Month observances at YVC.

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