When Gov. Inslee unveiled his three Safe Start Advisory Groups, he hailed them as a diverse group of experts who would enable the state to safely restart looking through every societal lens.

But lately, they've come under scrutiny, especially with what's been called the "glacial speed" with which our economy is re opening. Each day Inslee comes under more and more fire as businesses fail, small business aid programs are labeled a joke, and now the state's been crippled by the largest case of unemployment fraud in US history.

Now comes a hard-hitting report from the Freedom Foundation, the same ones who blew the whistle on the DOH over inflating COVID death figures by as much as 13 percent.

They've revealed, after examining public disclosure and election campaign records that 19 of Inslee's 27 experts donated to his last election campaign.

Campaign finance laws limit the amount private citizens can give to a candidate, but only about 1 percent of his funds came from private persons, 19 of these 27 donated to him or their employers or foundations or groups gave heavily.

This came even more closely into focus when after announcing these "advisory groups," Inslee disbanded the legislative bi-partisan Business Recovery Task Force, which consisted of eight experience and powerful well-known legislators. That raised many eyebrows.

Then last week, former Gov. Gregoire chief budget writer Dow Constantine told the Seattle Times in a guest piece that Inslee's "A" team was not the best we could do. He pointed out: where are the leaders of Amazon? Costco? Boeing? The various Chambers of Commerce? The small business leaders who represent numerous industries at the state level?

To read the Freedom Foundation report, click on the button below.

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