According to leading researchers, market trends, and business experts, retail companies have only themselves to blame for Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) burnout.  Some predict 2015 to match 2014, when Black Friday sales dropped 11 percent over 2013.

Why are they saying this? According to, many retailers in an effort to get the jump on competition, have started offering numerous holiday specials several weeks before Thanksgiving.  Officials with New York-based RLM Public Relations - leading marketing and survey firm- say the idea has "run it's course."

According to RLM and other leading experts, 80 percent of Americans now begin their holiday shopping at least two weeks before Thanksgiving, some earlier. They also say the public has become burnt out on the constant barrage of "door buster" sales that often fail to live up to expectations.  The constant drumbeat of rock-bottom prices and discounts has now desensitized consumers to the point where Black Friday has become a chore rather than an opportunity to really save.

Zachary Pardes of RLM put it this way as to why many experts believe Black Friday will be a thing of the past in a few years:

“For years we've seen marketing, advertising and public relations campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, blasting consumers with messages of rock bottom sales and discounts.”

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