Richland police are seeking the men who entered a home Sunday evening, and terrorized several victims.

Around 9:10 pm, police say five men, dressed in dark hooded sweatshirts, baggy pants and masks over their faces, entered a home in the 1100 block of Benham St. According to Richland police:

"One suspect told the female occupant that she was being robbed and ordered her to the floor.  She refused and tried to confront the men.  One victim told officers that at least one subject cycled the action of a shotgun and reported hearing the trigger being pulled.  A second occupant also tried to engage the suspects and was pepper sprayed in the face.

The subjects eventually fled out of the house and ran north on Douglass Ave.  They got into a vehicle described as a 4 door passenger car (unknown make) with tinted windows that was dark in color.  The victims believed the suspects to be white or Hispanic males in their 20’s.  They spoke with no discernible accents and ranged in height from 5’5” to 6’00” tall.

A K-9 officer was requested and Pasco PD responded.  A brief track led north but did not conclude with any suspects or evidence being located.

Responding officers found a 12 GA shotgun shell on the floor of the victim’s living room.  The round had not been fired.  The shotgun shell was collected as evidence."

Anyone with any information is asked to call Tri-Cities Crime Stoppers at (509)-586-TIPS or Richland police at (509)-628-0333.

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