The Washington State Department of Health has suspended the license of a Richland psycholigst, pending further actions.

State officials with the Examining Board of Psychology had placed restrictions on the license of Naughne L. Boyd last December, after previous disciplinary action.

In 2016-17 an investigation showed Boyd allegedly did not correctly perform assessments and diagnosis practices on as many as 7 patients. The state said the care fell 'below the standard care' for a psychologist. The charges included inadequate procedures as well as releasing patient information to a third party without the patient's consent. That would be a HIPPA violation.

She was given restrictions and required to obtain additional training, but apparently failed to do so. She has 20 days to respond to the allegations.  A check of records shows she practiced at a facility called Psychological Consultants, Inc, located at 713 Jadwin Ave. in Richland.


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