The Missouri State Fair has officially banned a rodeo clown for life after he put on an Obama mask and the announcer encouraged him to be run over a bull.

The fair is also considering taking action against the contractor who handled the rodeo and show this last weekend.

According to Missouri television station KY3 News, both Democrats and Republicans reportedly condemned the action as disrespectful and some Democratic legislators are calling for the state to reconsider its funding for the fair, which takes place in the town of Sedalia.

The act calls to mind stunts lampooning former President Bush with insults and even outright threats from various people. The noted Facebook personality "Mr. Conservative" has assembled several examples of pictures and incidents that occurred during Bush's time in office.

  • The TV show Game of Thrones was shooting one of the many grisly scenes for an episode. It featured a series of victims heads on pikes, or lances. One of the faces of the heads was designed and molded as George Bush.
  • During a San Francisco protest, one person displayed a sign reading I'm Here to Kill George Bush (shoot me!) but was never arrested or detained, even though that could be considered a direct threat.
  • Another photo a couple of years ago that circulated on the web was an assassination picture.  Inspired by the famous 1960s picture of Jack Ruby shooting Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, the fabricated black and white photo shows President Bush lurching forward after having been shot.
(Courtesy Mr. Conservative Facebook page)

"Mr. Conservative" astutely points out American politics can be tough, and brutal, and finished his story this way:

Unless you live in a socialist 'paradise,' the right to criticize, mock, and humiliate politicians, including the President (who is, after all, the people’s employee) is one of the most important rights we have in America. The newly imposed rule that Obama is above the rough and tumble of American politics is a very disturbing inroad on American freedom."

While the rodeo stunt could be seen as disrespectful, it's no worse than any other such incident that was aimed at former Presidents Bush, Reagan, and yes, even Bill Clinton.