Meth labs in trailers and mobile homes is nothing new. But a semi truck?

Oregon State Police are investigating after officials responded to a report of a hit-and-run and reckless driving complaint on Highway 20 west of Burns, OR (about 260 miles south of Tri-Cities).

Police detained a semi-truck driven by 46-year-old Steven Allen Smith and 39-year-old Renee Golding -- both from Jacksonville, Arkansas.

During the traffic stop, police determined there was a small, dismantled meth lab inside the truck! The lab could be quickly assembled for cooking the drug, then rapidly taken apart.

Oregon officials believe this is the first ever such discovery of a mobile meth lab inside a commercial vehicle. Smith and Golding were booked in the Harney County jail on a variety of charges. The vehicle was towed to a secure facility where a haz-mat team inspected, dismantled and decontaminated the facility.