US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced federal funding from the Department of Justice will be pulled if cities pursue or adhere to current sanctuary policies over illegal immigration.

According to the Wall Street Journal and other news outlets, Sessions said Monday cities that knowingly hinder Federal immigration officials, or pursue any other known policies to assist or harbor illegals will not only have their Department of Justice funding pulled, but they cannot apply for grants.

Sessions acknowledged former President Obama had a similar policy in 2016 before leaving office, but his was very limited and virtually powerless.  Sessions' sweeping plan pretty much covers any and all policies that would hinder federal immigration enforcement efforts.

Policies range widely from city to city, says the Journal, but federal officials will basically look at whatever tactics are used to hinder any federal effort to pursue, detain or otherwise locate illegals.

The Department of Justice plans to award around $4 billion in grants to cities to help with a wide variety of safety and law enforcement efforts in 2017, and this policy makes it clear, going forward, that local communities must stay in line with federal immigration law, or not get the money.

Cities that are receiving such assistance could have their money pulled. Seattle has openly defied federal immigration law, and has a broadly worded policy on the books that has come to be interpreted as defying efforts by ICE and others to enforce the laws.

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