A recently-uncovered Immigration and Naturalization Service report from the Clinton era shows amnesty programs actually increased the flow of illegal aliens coming into the U.S.

The report, dated 1996, shows the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act started the trend in 1987 -- and especially in 1988 -- and beyond. The biggest jump was among women, mostly Hispanic, who came to the U.S. to join husbands or partners who had been granted amnesty.

The Clinton report shows the number of people coming shot up because it gave them incentive to come receive future amnesty. The same results repeated themselves following the Immigration Act of 1990 pushed by George W. Bush. At least another 150,000 immigrant visas were granted by just 1992, and that number continued to grow.

According to World Net Daily, the previously-suppressed report was obtained via the Freedom of Information Act. Considering the data it contains, it not a surprise the Clintons did not release it.

The report also shows a direct cause-and-effect from the passage of California's Proposition 187 (which removed many of the incentives for illegals to come here, including schooling, healthcare and some benefits) in 1994. Immigration dropped and held fairly steady through 1996 after having been steadily rising.

This data was confirmed by the Center for Immigration Studies. Steve Camarota, director of research for the center, also pointed out Arizona's Employer Verification Program -- the E-Verify plan -- has caused the number of known illegal workers to drop in that state from 560,000 to 360,000 in less than three years. This was the plan Gov. Jan Brewer has been battling the Obama Administration over since he took office.

Many leaders and citizens are concerned over Senator Marco Rubio's plans for another amnesty-immigration reform bill, which they say would result in more of what was revealed in the report.



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