Seattle authorities and the FBI are searching for bank robbers they say are armed and dangerous.

Dubbed the "Big Top Bandits," the men are sought in connection with five Seattle-area bank heists since January.

Four of the robberies were apparently carried out by one man, and he was joined by a second suspect in one other. Monday, authorities released photos and video of the suspects after another bank was struck July 1. The robberies have occurred at:

Jan. 16 - Newcastle branch of Key Bank
Feb. 28 - Rainier Ave. branch of Key Bank in Seattle
May 22 - Rainer Ave branch of Washington Federal Bank in Seattle
June 8 - Burien branch of Sterling Savings Bank
July 1 - Newcastle branch of Bank of America

The main robber is described as about 5' 7" tall and medium build. He wears a mask, but often forgets to put it over his face. King County authorities say the main suspect isn't afraid to "control both customers and employees" with what they say is escalating violence. He fired his gun in one robbery, and struck a teller with his fist in another.

Because of his violent behavior, authorities stress the need to catch the man.

Video courtesy King County Sheriffs Office