Officer on patrol at 3 AM notices stolen bike (RPD)
Officer on patrol at 3 AM notices stolen bike (RPD)

If you don't believe law enforcement officers are highly trained to spot the unusual or notice things and situations, this will change your mind.

 Richland Officer recovers stolen expensive bike in the dark

Richland Police report that on Thursday morning, around 3 AM, Patrol Officer Meads was making his rounds when he spotted an electric bike that matched the description of one reported stolen earlier in the city. He'd been notified about it by another officer.

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He spotted the block while near the 1900 block of George Washington Way. Officer Meads stopped the rider and confirmed this was the one stolen. These electric bikes are not cheap, according to some retail sites, their prices range anywhere from $470 to over $1,100. This one is probably in the upper range, based on its design.

The suspect was arrested, and the bike is being returned to its rightful owner. Given the value of the bike, it's possible the suspect will be facing a Felony charge.

Remarkable that at 3 AM in the dark, he was able to discern it was likely the stolen model.

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