Thanks to a concerned citizen, a drunk driver has been apprehended. No word if they tree they slammed will be ok.

Around 8:10am Sunday, a witness near 1900 North Steptoe called police to report a driver they saw slam into a tree. The witness saw the incident when they arrived at the location, and notified police.

The witness kept an eye on the driver, who turned out to be identified as Mark Holt, and gave police a description of the vehicle and plate number.

Police were able to locate him and he was arrested for DUI. The picture shows the aftermath of where he slammed into a tree a the location. This was one of at least 4 DUI incidents police responded to in the 24-hour period leading to Sunday morning.

They remind drivers a taxi or UBER is a lot cheaper than a DUI. The tree is expected to make a full recovery.

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