There's a local woman who wants support for a Facebook campaign to ban noisemakers from Tri-City Americans games!!!

Every night that the Tri-City Americans Hockey team takes on a new contender, the roar of cow bells, blow horns and screams fill the Toyota Center.

Typically, this enormous amount of energy contributes to the excitement felt by many fans who attend the hockey game.  However, one fan feels the need to ban noise makers at the games!

It seems as though the hectic sounds and loud rackets are becoming a trademark for the hockey games, setting them apart from the Fever and Dust Devil venues.  It is a chance for everyone of all ages to go crazy, releasing their inner wild child to cheer on their home team.

Those of you have been to the Ams Hockey Games, it seems almost impossible to imagine the fans only cheering by clapping or yells. Especially for a sport that condones fans taking of their shirts and dancing around to "Cotton Eyed Joe," how would they possibly support such a sophisticated and regulated form of cheering.

Should our Tri-City Ams ban noisemakers? Let me know what you think!

Visit the upset fan's Facebook group page at