Early Monday morning, a would-be gas thief in Grant County was done in by video cameras, not changing clothes and the smell of gas.

  Man seen cutting the lock on orchard pumps

The Grant County Sheriff's office reports that around 2 AM Monday morning, March 13th, a suspect was seen on surveillance video stealing gas from Stemilt Orchards just west of Quincy. He first cut the security lock on the orchard pump station, then began to fill his tank.

The man proceeded to fill up his vehicle with a significant amount of fuel, then leave.

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The suspect was later identified as 38-year-old Jose Ventura Gonzalez, he was located in Quincy a short time later as Deputies were able to identify the vehicle seen on video. It helped as well that Gonalez was still wearing the same clothes seen in the video, and Deputies said when he was contacted, he and the interior and exterior of his vehicle 'reeked' of gasoline.

He's now in the Grant County jail on theft and trespassing charges.


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