In the wake of PAE President Scott Wilson's surprising comments made during the Pasco School District board meeting two weeks ago Tuesday, the Pasco Association of Educators have released a letter, supported by approximately 140 members of the Union.

The letter supports President Wilson, despite his saying parents who are pushing for a return to in person education are exercising their "white privilege."

Wilson made his comments during the public comment section prior to the regular board meeting.

The letter claims "it's not easy to talk about white privilege when so many still deny it's existance and when so many refuse to listen to voices that belong to people of color."

It also goes on to say "yes, Scott Wilson predicted his words might lead to the same response his own father received when he spoke about issues that made him uncomfortable 55 years ago."

It also says "Scott Wilson stands on the right side of history,"  and makes a reference that appears to be disrespectful to those who cannot follow the "nuance" of his language.

The supporters-educators claim his comments, and his followup clarification letter were misconstrued, misinterpreted, and the letter refers to the response to his comments as "terrifying."

There were 140 educators who backed Wilson in the letter.  An earlier survey that was done about teacher safety/COVID issues claimed 80% of the 790 educators who responded are reluctant or have concerns about returning to class.

Pasco lists currently 1,232 certified employees-educators, and another 1,056 as classified or exempt on it's website.

Wilson's comments touched off a storm of response in the District, and several regional and national news outlets picked up on it, including The Daily Wire, Breitbart, and AM 770 KTTH Seattle.

To read this new letter, click on the button below.

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