GCSO K-9 Zedd and his handler (GCSO)
GCSO K-9 Zedd and his handler (GCSO)

Thanks to GPS and a determined K-9, an auto theft suspect is in jail, and probably won't mess with a police dog again.

Early morning car theft tracked in Grant County

Early Tuesday morning, just before 7 AM, Grant County Deputies got a call about a stolen car near George, WA.  Fortunately, the owner was able to track it using GPS and it was located in what's called the Sand Dunes area near Moses Lake near Powerline Road. The vehicle was spotted about 45 minutes later.

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GSCO K-9 Zedd and his handler, Deputy Jiminez, located the car and found 41-year-old Andrew J. Gilbert rummaging through the vehicle, taking our various items. But when he saw the Deputy and his dog, he tried to run on foot and refused to stop.

K-9 Zedd did his fur missile routine and dropped the suspect a short distance later. Gilbert was quickly apprehended but first had to be taken to Samaritan Hospital for treatment of various 'injuries' courtesy of Zedd.

He's now in the Grant County jail facing a plethora of charges.  Once again police dog 1, the suspect -0-.


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