So, the best way to attract sympathy and rally people to your cause is to use your children as pawns?  A striking Verizon Union Worker in New Jersey did just that recently.

The video, posted online Monday, shows a striking Verizon employee directing his daughter to stand in front of an incoming company truck that was carrying replacement workers while she held a picket sign.  As the truck idled, waiting for her to move or a resolution to the situation, the worker then hurled a stream of profanities at the replacement workers.  Negotiations between over 45,000 Verizon workers and their employer broke down over the weekend, resulting in thousands of them returning to the picket lines.  Other incidents of uncivil behavior were recorded from the union picketers. Nationally, many unions are resorting to verbal and even physical abuse directly not only at replacement workers, but others who do not support or agree with their demands.  See the video of the girl in front of the truck here, from The Star Ledger's

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