Those of you who hike Badger also may also be familiar with McBee Trail. Apparently some folks with fireworks are too.

Tuesday night Benton County Deputies and Benton County fire crews responded to McBee Grade, the hill that climbs up the ridge of a hill south of the Weber Canyon exit off the highway. Someone (or someones) set off a substantial amount of fireworks and triggered a brush fire. Crews were able to bring it down before it spread, but it consumed several hundred square feet of cover in the process at this popular, but challenging, hiking area.

This would be the equivalent of someone setting off fireworks on or at the top of Badger Mountain -- not smart!  Deputies didn't find any suspects, but fire crews saw ample evidence of a LOT of spent fireworks at the scene.

Benton County Sheriff's Office is searching the area looking for anyone who might have an idea who set this fire. Any information can be reported by calling (509)-628-0333. All leads are confidential.

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