Even though we have no snow at this time, like we did last year, people are still getting sick. There's a flu advisory that has been issued for Washington State.

Cases of the flu are on the rise, and officials are encouraging citizens to get vaccinated before you get hit.

“People who are sick should stay home from holiday gatherings where influenza and other illness can spread.  If you have symptoms of the flu it’s better to miss some of the holiday fun than to risk infecting others – especially those people who are at higher risk of serious complications,” says Dr. Scott Lindquist state epidemiologist for infectious diseases.

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Last flu season, 278 people in Washington were confirmed to have died from influenza-related complications!

The flu can be especially dangerous for pregnant women, young children, people age 65 and older, and those who have underlying health conditions such as asthma and other chronic diseases.

People should contact their doctor’s office if they get flu-like symptoms.

For more information about the flu, and what to do to prevent it, or if you think you have it, click this right here!

Be careful out there, wash your hands, take care of your kids and elderly, and have a safe, flu-free holiday season!



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