The Kennewick CAT (Criminal Apprehension Team) are like 'special forces,'  making the rounds at night and early morning, acting on tips and often apprehending unsuspecting crooks. But in this case, they located a vehicle stolen months ago.

Early Wednesday morning, officers in the area of 7th and Jean Streets found a 2003 Dodge Ram truck, unoccupied, parked near the corner.

While they don't currently have suspect, the truck was reported stolen in Kennewick in November of last year.  What's unusual is that apparently, from what we know, whoever stole this vehicle had been driving it with at least some frequency, around town for the last three months.  It appears the location where it was found was not linked to anyone who might have taken it.

It will probably come as a surprise to them when perhaps they stop by to the place they last parked it, and it's gone. The owner has been notified so they can pick up their truck, which appeared to be in one piece and undamaged.

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