It's been a number of months since somebody dumped thousands of old tires near Game Farm Road in South Kennewick, but the problem still hasn't been solved.

According to news reports, the tires were discovered by the property owner, and area neighbors. They're growing more upset now that mosquito season is approaching, and the tires are likely to become breeding grounds for the invasive insects.

With the state already facing West Nile virus issues, and growing fears over the spread of the Zeka virus, residents want action, and cleanup.

According to KVEW-TV, the property owner did have some of them removed, but thousands still remain.  Authorities say due to ongoing investigation, they're not able to discuss at length what's going on, but it's unclear if they know who the culprit is.

Benton County Code Enforcement officials have been contacted by the Mosquito Control Board, because of the breeding ground hazard. Water collects from rain and other sources inside the tires, and it doesn't take much, only a handful or cupful of water, to produce mosquito larvae.  The Mosquito Control board said they cannot discuss details because of the investigation, but the Benton County Prosecuting Attorney's office is said to be reviewing the case.

The tires were first discovered in February of this year, some of them have been sent to a warehouse in California, but the rest still have to be cleared.