So, you're sick and tired of the feds being less than smart with our money?

YOU'RE the taxpayers, YOU pay for their salaries (among other pork-barrel projects) and now they can't even seem to accomplish what you and your family do on a monthly basis:  come up with a workable, sustainable budget.

So, let them know what you think of their performance. Regardless of your political affiliation,   Congress and the White House need to know you're sick of parks and monuments being closed, while trillions of automatic spending still goes on.

You're not ok with golf courses being left open, while veterans are denied access to monuments their service inspired.   You're fed up with Amber Alerts being suspended, while politically-motivated websites telling you how fat your kids are stay online.

Here's the number to call to vent YOUR frustration:

 CAPITOL SWITCHBOARD NUMBER:  (202)-224-3121.   Call early, call often, CALL NOW!

This is YOUR country, they work for you,  it's about time you reminded them of that!  Just remember, be firm, but civil.   Take the high road.  That'll make them feel even worse...