Not long after Benton City approved retail pot sales by a vote of 3-2 in the City Council, the Toppenish City Council has approved an ordinance banning all retail pot activity within the city limits.

This new ordinance, says the DailySunnyNews online, overrides a previous moratorium that prevented such activity while the situation was being examined. Mabton has also had reservations about such business, says the paper, while that city does allow marijuana operations, last July they rejected a proposed annexation of a piece of property that would have been turned into a pot growing operation.

Meanwhile, Prosser has two pot stores, but has now set limits, saying two stores are enough and they don't plan to allow any others besides Altitude and The Bake Shop, which is just barely outside city limits.

While no 'official' bans have been expanded upon, Sunnyside and Granger have also kept the business at bay with moratoriums that don't allow any pot business. The SunnyDailyNews says there's been no new discussions in those two cities about possibly allowing pot business.


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