The Washington State Department of Health has immediately suspended the license of Dr. John C. Perry due to a recent psychiatric evaluation.

Perry allegedly suffers from an untreated "severe narcissistic personality disorder" that prevents him from practicing with reasonable skill.

Perry, who ran an obstetrics and gynecology practice under the name of Teddy Bear OBGYN for a number of years in the Tri-Cities, was granted a medical license to practice in Washington state in 1988.

In 2012,  Perry was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation because, court documents said, of a long history of malpractice settlements, restriction, suspension, termination of hospital privileges and numerous complaints. Court documents reveal numerous cases of potential or actual malpractice in general care, surgical, and other related OBGYN issues. Perry agreed to meet with a Seattle-based, board-certified psychiatrist.

However, according to the Medical Quality Assurance Commission of Washington, Perry did not disclose a significant amount of information to the doctor during the evaluation.
The commission also received word that on Jan. 25 of this year a $375,000 malpractice insurance settlement against Perry was finalized. Perry reportedly did not inform the commission of the pending litigation or the settlement.

This new information resulted in the Seattle doctor revising his evaluation of Perry's ability to practice medicine. Perry, whose license was on probation, was diagnosed by the doctor as having the narcissism disorder, and as of Monday, saw his license is suspended immediately.

According to the commission, Perry has 20 days to respond and request a hearing.