A Tri-City area woman is selling a large dining room table on Facebook's Pasco, Kennewick, Richland Buying-Selling page. It's for $500 and includes six chairs.

But what makes it unusual is that if the taker agrees to get a COVID vaccine today or later, she will give it up to them for free.

We spotted the ad around 10:45 AM Tuesday morning, as of just prior to 11, it was still there. Apparently, it was posted three hours earlier.


The following comment accompanies the listing:

".. If I can help you decide to get the COVID vaccine I will give this for free 6 chairs."

There's quite a variety of comments listed on the item, ranging from all sides of the vaccine issue. Several other photos accompany the listing. No other information about the table was listed, except that it's used.

Facebook selling site Pasco, Kennewick Richland buy sell


We've chosen to not include the seller's information directly for privacy reasons, if you wish to see the listing for yourself, click on the button below.


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