The incident occurred January 27th, but has gone viral, and now officials are under fire for reportedly not prosecuting the judicial official.

According to, and Fox News, as well as other sources, Judge Monica Herranz is accused of helping a 22-year-old illegal immigrant escape the Multhomah County Courthouse by letting him out through the judge's private entrance.

Herranz, says Breitbart, is a judicial referee who has the powers of judge. She is an attorney.  Breitbart and Fox News report that Diddier Pacheco Salazar was in court that day on a drunk driving charge. There were reportedly ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement) officers outside the court in the building, but it's not known if they were specifically there to arrest Salazar. His attorney, says Breitbart, might have had an idea the officials were there for him, and he reportedly told his client how to prepare for that contingency.

However, Attorney John Scholsser says his client never came out of the courtroom. Schlosser had left the courtroom first, and was awaiting Salazar in the public hallway but he never showed. The only ways out of the court are the public entrance, a separate entrance that leads to and from the jail, and a private entrance for employees and the judges.

According to officials investigating the case, they believe Herranz let Salazar exit the court through the private entrance, well away from the ICE agents outside.

However, Fox News has learned the U.S. Attorney declined to prosecute Herranz, who presides over small claims, traffic and other minor cases. Attorney Billy Williams was reportedly told by ICE officials they were against the investigation of a judge. Williams has made statements indicating he believes Herranz deliberately used the private entrance and exit to help Salazar escape.

Some critics and officials think Herranz should be prohibited from overseeing cases, and even lose her law license for deliberately breaking Federal immigration laws.

The investigation is expected to wrap up this week, it is not known what punishment will await Herranz.

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