There is a man in the van in a Richland canyon. A couple of days ago, we brought you the report of a what seemed to be an abandoned van in a canyon in Richland.

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This was the original post on Nextdoor:

Hey does anyone know anything about the white van that’s been in Leslie Canyon for around 8+weeks? Not sure if someone is living down there, needs help or what. Just wondering, the van would move a little once in a while but hasn’t in a week or so.

A man named Jeremiah lives in the van.

Neighbors on Nextdoor are discussing possibilities to help Jeremiah and his friend. One man, Victor S. has visited.

He's struggling, I don't know all his struggles. but I do know he is stuck down there. The rain, the mud has made the road impassable. He's been trying by hand to fill the road up with gravel. He has moved over 200 buckets by hand himself. He has a heart condition and his legs swell severely. He has a job and has missed work because he is stuck in that Canyon. He has no friends and no family. Only his plus 1 and is trying to do all he can for that individual and to get by.

What we know:

Jeremiah has been homeless after parking his van at the end of the road in the canyon. His plan was to stay a night or two, no more. Jeremiah polishes floors at night for local businesses. However, Jeremiah recently dropped his track-phone in the mud. He could use another phone.

People are trespassing.

Jeremiah discovered that someone had been in the van. His belongings were disrupted.

The community wants to help.

Victor is thankful for the local support. If you'd like to donate, please reach out to Victor on Nextdoor.

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