We didn't have barricades to tear down in Columbia Park, but they were taken down in D.C.

While several hundred veterans and supporters march for about 2 miles in Columbia Park and held a rally at the Regional Veterans Memorial to show support,  thousands of vets and other supporters flooded memorials around Washington D.C. Sunday.

Breitbart.com captured video and there were thousands of Twitter pictures taken of these marchers removing the barricades erected around memorials and monuments in D.C.  then marched them to the White House and left them in piles!

Marchers and supporters pushed through the barricades to the World War II memorial and others, and some even assembled along the gates to the fence surrounding the White House.   Hundreds of barricades were folded and left in piles all over the capitol.

Sarah Palin joined in the marches,  where Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz also showed up.   There were no official estimates given as to the number of marchers,  but it was billed as the Million Vet March, and it's believed at least tens of thousands participated.

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