The charges continue to mount for a former Pasco police officer.

51-year-old Richard J. Aguirre is accused of the strangulation death of a Spokane prostitute, Roby Doss, in 1986.  His DNA submitted during a sexual assault investigation from last November in Pasco produced a hit in the CODIS national database, resulting murder charges.

Now, as a result of numerous search warrants served on his home as part of the murder investigation, Aguirre has been charged with voyuerism after Spokane police found thousands of photos and numerous videos of sex acts he had recorded.  According to authorities many of the persons involved did not know they were being recorded, they included men and women.

Police have been attempting to identify and locate the victims in the videos.  Bail has been set at $500,000 on the voyeurism charges.  Aguirre was just getting ready to post bail of $500,000 on the murder charge in Spokane when the other charge was levied.  He has plead innocent on both.

Aguirre resigned from the Pasco police department after 27 years following the allegations of sexual assault last November in his Pasco home.