Some 40 House of Representatives Democrats staged a sit-in on the House floor in Washington D.C. Wednesday, demanding votes on new anti-gun measures and more gun controls in the wake of the ISIS Terrorist shooting in Orlando.

The two from Washington state were Suzan DelBene and Adam Smith, both from the West side. The Democrats refused to surrender the floor and allow the House to being business Wednesday, so GOP Legislators recessed the session. Smith is no stranger to controversial issues in the past.

The Democrats refused to leave the floor until several anti-gun and gun control measures are voted on.

According to the Democrats who staged the sit-in, their proposals would prevent terrorists from obtaining weapons, even though the Orlando shooter was able to get one because he was REMOVED from the FBI watch list.

Persons who are under surveillance or are on any government security watch list are not allowed to obtain a gun through regular legal channels.

Critics, including some Republicans, say additional laws are not necessary and would not have prevented the shooting. These Democrats say they won't surrender until they get 'common sense' gun legislation the 'people' have been demanding.

Actually, the 'people' they are referring to are controversial anti-gun groups, such as the WAGR (Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility), who masquerade as citizen grass roots groups.  In reality, they're fronts for anti-gun groups that want to reduce the 2nd Amendment to an afterthought. Another one is Everytown for Gun Safety, which claims over 1.1 million likes on Facebook. These groups are very clever in claiming they just want common sense gun legislation, but their ideas only target legitimate citizens and make it harder to exercise 2nd Amendment Rights.

You've probably seen some of these groups ads pop up on your Facebook page. It appears they have not learned from the days of Prohibition. Despite thinking they were stamping out crime and social and moral issues by banning alcohol, leaders of Prohibition only ended up creating a situation that led to the formation of organized crime in America as we know it today.

Prior to  Prohibition, the Mafia was largely a regional issue, and federal authorities were able to largely keep it well contained and monitored. Alcohol smuggling, illegal underground taverns, and the millions of dollars associated with it, as well as control of these elements, led to the explosion and violence that was portrayed in movies such as The Untouchables.

Both sides of the House and Senate have failed to address the legal system, mental health issues, and other societal problems that have led to crime in America. Regardless of the weapon, knives, cars, hammers and yes guns, don't kill people. People kill people...period.

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