WA officials (again) tap dance around mask mandate ending deadlines (Townsquare media)
WA officials (again) tap dance around mask mandate ending deadlines (Townsquare media)

We're hearing and seeing a lot of news reports about Oregon and even California lifting their mask mandates, including those indoors.


Oregon has set a firm date, March 31st when they believe cases, hospitalizations, data etc. will 'allow' them to make masks a voluntary choice.

Even CA claims they are going to ditch the mask requirement soon for those who are vaccinated. But in WA, according to MyNorthwest.com, these are the kinds of answers given (from a story dated February 8th):

Inslee Spokesperson Mike Faulk said this: (from MyNorthwest.com)

“We are continuing to track cases, hospitalizations and deaths, "We are optimistic that these numbers will continue to decline in a way that will let us revisit the mask requirements in the near future.”  (bold lettering added for emphasis.

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Deputy Secretary of Health Lacy Fehrenbach, last November when our state's cases per 100,000 were far lower than they are now, also appeared to tap-dance around giving a solid answer:  (from MyNorthwest.com)

“I don’t know that it will be a single metric — it’s a combination of things. We understand the public wants this information. We understand people want a path forward, and it’s not a simple answer.” (bold lettering added for emphasis).

These are the kinds of answers we have come to expect from top officials on hard, specific questions that are only occasionally asked of them. If you've watched enough of Inslee's press conferences or listened closely to statements from all these officials, you realize they're good at being like a ball of mercury (from a thermometer), impossible to pin down.

Sad to say, I wouldn't hold your breath--either with or without your mask.


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