Where does WA state rank in terms of cybercrime? Among the worst, according to a new study.

WA state has seen a lot of attacks on people's online lives

A new study, presented by NetworkBuildz shows WA state ranks in the top 10 for cyber issues. NetworkBuildz is a firm that specializes in helping companies merge their networks to larger ones, such as security, safety systems, and more online-related services.

The study was performed by network and telecommunication experts, utilizing FBI crime data between 2018 and 2022. The data was examined, looking at all of the cyberattacks that have been reported and investigated, and which states they occurred in.

It also examined how many people were affected or potentially affected. WA state ranked 7th worst in the US, with 67,434 attacks made on security systems over the last five years. The average cyber attack per 100K of the population was 875.

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Nevada was the worst, followed by Alaska, Maryland, Colorado, Florida, and Iowa just ahead of WA. Delaware, CA, and Arizona followed WA on the list.

The study also says, 2020 was a very difficult year, with a lot of states, systems, and people hit with cyber attacks. It was largely due to the massive increase in online activity, purchases, and even working due to the COVID Pandemic.

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