Starting Wednesday August 1, until further notice, Walla Walla County is going to be under an Air Quality Awareness Advisory.

Officials say it's classified as "yellow" on Department of Ecology mapping systems, meaning moderate issues expected, but enough to offer advice to those with respiratory issues.  The smoke from wildfires all over the area is expected to settle lower, ground level at night, then rise during the day. But there's not enough wind to overcome inversions that are "squishing" the smoke to the ground. Lower or valley areas will be particularly affected.

The standard air quality graph used across the country goes green, then yellow for moderate. Red is for unhealthy-that usually becomes a warning. Then are the seldom used  purple, "very" unhealthy, and brown, which is hazardous to everyone.

For those with respiratory issues, the following is recommended:

*People with asthma, have had a stroke, very young children, elderly or others with any respiratory issues should limit outside activity, if you exercise, walk rather than run. Try to avoid spending prolonged hours out in the poor air.

The Tri-Cities has had the same inversions and hot air holding in smoke, but ours is expected to begin to break up starting Tuesday night, with increasing winds and cooler temps in the forecast starting Wednesday.

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