Hey Boo Boo! Is this where the picnic baskets are!? A bear climbed up in a tree at a Walla Walla residence, surprising the owner! 

The Walla Walla Sheriff's Department was called out to Kendal Road and Cottonwood Road about a bear in a tree.

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Lo and behold, there the bear was according to reports from the Walla Walla Sheriff's Department. It turns out Ms. Bear was enjoying snacking on grapes and a little bit of cat food.

The Sheriff's Department reported that the bear finished her meal, climbed down from her roost, and headed back out towards the Blue Mountains.

The Walla Walla Sheriff's Department posted the incident on their Facebook page and wanted to remind residents not to leave food out as it encourage wild animals to stop by for a meal.

I'm glad Ms. Bear hightailed it out of there and she escaped unscathed and is now off to her newest adventure!

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