A suspect who led Kennewick police on a brief vehicle then a foot chase literally tried to get away on foot, leaving his shoes behind.

Tuesday morning, police got a call about a man driving this SUV in a reckless manner, and officers set out to find him.

29-year-old Daniel Rice was the driver, but he refused to pull over. But then perhaps realizing all the police units were running him down, he pulled over a block away, near the intersection of Huntington and Kennewick Ave.

Rice then fled on foot, after leaving his shoes at the scene. However, he was no match for the motorcycle that helped run him down, along with officers. He still refused to follow commands and was eventually Tasered.  Turns out he's wanted on 3 outstanding felony warrants, was driving on a revoked license, and possibly intoxicated. His vehicle will now sit in the impound, not sure what will happen to the shoes...

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