A shill is defined by most dictionaries as:  "An accomplice of a hawker, gambler, or swindler who acts as an enthusiastic customer to entice or encourage others." After the performance of CNN personality Candy Crowley in the most recent presidential debate, many believe she was on the side of the president.

The Washington Times (that helps supply content for the nationally-syndicated America's Morning News program heard on Newstalk 870) has broken down the debate questions, examined the behavior and phrases uttered by Crowley, and compared the amount of time she gave each of the presidential candidates.

Unlike Jim Lehrer, whose performance as the first debate moderator was almost unnoticed (which is the way it is supposed to be), Crowley repeatedly interrupted Romney, repeatedly gave the floor to Obama, cut-off responses by Romney when he attempted to rebut errors by the president, and even called the GOP candidate's selection of Paul Ryan as a running mate a "death wish."

Even the website Politico, which can lean to the left on occasion, reported Crowley gave Obama 9 percent more time for responses, and the moderator interrupted Romney an astounding 28 times!

While most consider this debate a draw, many point to the fact that Romney gave back as good as he got, considering he was fighting off what critics are calling a double-team. Whatever credibility CNN had prior to the debate just got shot down a few pegs lower.

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