I've lived in Washington since 2014 and have difficulty with the names of towns.

It's true that you can tell an out-of-towner when they butcher the name of a town or city. I do it all the time. In fact, I have to ask a co-worker almost daily how to pronounce the name of a particular county, river, or landmark.

According to Best Life Online, the MOST mispronounced town in the country is Wayzata, Minnesota. It's technically pronounced wai-zeh'tuh...or (why-Zetta, if you're from Minnesota).

OK, that's Minnesota, but what about Washington?

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Sequim is #6 on the list of most mispronounced towns in the nation. I've always pronounced it See-Kwim. Actually, it's pronounced "Skwim." I never knew this till recently. I once almost booked an Airbnb in Sequim.

Naturally, I had to research the town. I learned that Sequim is known for lavender.


Sequim is very well known for its beautiful lavender farms. In fact, there's a Lavender Festival celebrated on the third weekend of July. People from all over the world visit the area for all things lavender. A number of the lavender farms offer tours and lavender picking. The town also hosts a street fair for the event.

Sequim is also famous for Dungeness Crab.


The crab gets its name from the town of Dungeness, near Sequim. Before Sequim became a town, there was Dungeness, about five miles to the north.

Now that I know more about Sequim and how to pronounce it properly, I'll have to book that Airbnb sooner than later. Maybe I'll book it for next year's Lavender Festival.

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