Forget John Dillinger, or the shooting of JFK.

Now that it's been released recently, this document has become the most viewed piece of FBI information on it's public viewing access site.

In 2011,  the FBI created it's public viewing area online, called "The Vault."    It contains over 6,700 documents that have been de-classified, or cleared for public view.  The document that has gathered more than 1 million views is a single-page memo sent by former field chief Guy Hottel  to J. Edgar Hoover, Director of the FBI.

The memo is dated March 22, 1950, and vaguely details an alleged discovery of a UFO crash site in New Mexico.  It doesn't offer any location details or links to the 1947 Rosswell incident, but describes discovering 3 flying saucers, each about 50 feet in diameter.  It also says three bodies were discovered, one inside each saucer.  They were described as about 3 feet tall, human-like figures.  They were dressed in a metallic cloth of "very fine texture" similar to the high-speed suits used by U.S. test pilots and speed fliers.

The memo mentions an informant, who's name is blacked out in the report.    The report was tucked away, and the FBI practice of investigating and attempting to verify UFO sightings was discontinued by the agency four months later.   A video report on the memo was recently put out by the group (video courtesy of WallStreetDope via YouTube).


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