Whether it's famous singers, actors, or sports figures,  charities are everywhere.   But which ones are worthy of our hard-earned donations?

  Most of the time when a celebrity charity tanks, or is exposed for not contributing much to an actual cause, it's not the direct fault of the individual.  Most of the time, the problem is rooted in poor administration, too much overhead, or outright greed from the people trusted to oversee the operation.

   Rapper Kanye West shut down his foundation when it was revealed in 2010 that all of the $570,000 that was donated went to 'administrative fees!"  Wycliffe Jean was furious and humiliated when he learned that millions of dollars from his Yele Haiti benefit had been squandered.   The Better Business Bureau's Wise Giving Alliance recommends that a group you donate to use at least 65% of the money given to actual charity work.   Charity Navigator, one of the leading watchdog groups who monitor such organizations, says if a group does not donate at least 85% of it's 'earnings' then the group is in trouble.

 Who's charities are the best?  And Worst?   Michael J. Fox gets high marks for his, Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps does too.   Low marks went to rocker Bono of U2, actor Brad Pitt.  Find out more here.  Many watchdog groups say citizens can make just, if not more, effective use of donation dollars by contributing to charity groups in their own community.

   Not only is it easier to monitor the groups and see your dollars in action, but often local charities get neglected because people want to to donate to "superstar" organizations so they feel like they are part of something special.   To see a list of charitable organizations in the Mid-Columbia, Click here.