WalletHub has become known for carrying out studies of various social and health conditions across the country, as well as residential and living conditions in cities.

They've now released a study revealing the ten best and worst states when it comes to dental health. The study was based upon visits to dentists from adults and adolescents, dental costs, number of dental services available (per capita) as well as consumption of sugary foods and drinks and others that affect dental health. There were a total of 25 catagories or metrics they used.

So, here's the lists. The Ten WORST states are:

10. Texas.
9. South Carolina
8. Florida
7. California
6. Louisiana
5. Montana (the closest to us)
4. West Virginia
3. Alabama
2. Arkansas
1. Mississippi
 And the Ten BEST:
10. Idaho  (our closest neighbor on the list)
9. South Dakota
8. Massachusetts
7. Michigan
6. District of Columbia
5. North Dakota
4. Illinois
3. Connecticut
2. Wisconsin
1. Minnesota
  And of course you want to know...Washington landed at 24th, Oregon 21st. on the list. So I guess we need to start flossing and brushing more? And one more possibly funny catagory was in the study.  State with the highest percentage of adults or elderly with no natural teeth? It was a tie between West Virginia and Mississippi.


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