It's largely a precaution, but it will affect public events where fans have a chance to meet and greet Americans players.

The Tri-City Americans, along with the other 21 Western Hockey League teams, have been advised to postpone public events where the players will be interacting with fans after one of the clubs confirmed a case of the mumps virus.

The WHL says the case was confirmed in late February, and according to a release that came out a few days ago, they are advising teams to postpone events where fans interact with players.

Besides the beginning of a sanitizing program at team facilities and other precautionary measures, the league also issued this as part of the statement:

The health and welfare of all WHL players, staff members and fans is the League’s top priority. With the assistance of the health authorities, all WHL Clubs are continuing to ensure sanitization, early detection and isolation protocols are being followed diligently. While there is an extremely low risk of spectators contracting the virus, the WHL has also instructed all WHL Clubs to advise players to refrain from any direct contact with fans at this time." (Bold lettering added for emphasis).

Mumps virus is largely spread by respiratory means, from drops of saliva or mucus from nose, throat and mouth. While the 'alert' and cancellation of public fan events affects all the teams, sources have told Newstalk870 none of the teams in the U.S. Division are under suspicion of having, nor do they have at this time, any players who are believed to have the virus. The mumps case, or possibly cases, are said to have been found in the Eastern Conference, but the league has not confirmed that.

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