Thursday on Clearwater in Kennewick, traffic was briefly slowed for a family of little folks, who apparently were not aware the city just spend a ton of money putting in a new crosswalk not far from Winco Foods. Unless they were on their way to University of Oregon football practice.

This group of ducks, at least 15-20, with the mom in the back obviously herding them along, were crossing the busy four-lane street less than a block west of the new flashy crosswalk at the intersection of Clearwater and Arthur St.

The March of the Ducks (Townsquare Media)
The March of the Ducks (Townsquare Media)

The new crossing was part of a safety program designed to assist students at Kamiakin High School, and other pedestrians.

But these ducks appeared to be feeling it, and crossing wherever they wanted. They all made it across, and the traffic stopped to let them. A quick survey of the cars next to us showed most of the people laughing or smiling.

There's just something fun about watching ducks waddle around.

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