Leave it to the folks in Europe to come up with this idea. A 3-D crosswalk? Bet your eyes will never be the same.

Tired of speeders blowing through a certain area of town, officials in the Iceland city of Isafjodur have painted what's believed to be the first of it's kind in the world, a 3-D Zebra cross walk.

Not unlike the incredible 3-D sidewalk paintings you've probably seen on Facebook (which make you think you're going to fall in a hole) this cross walk gives the illusion it's white bars are actually suspended above the ground!

The reason for the crosswalk is to make drivers slow down and think twice before gassing it through the area.

Not only that, but officials say people feel like they're walking five feet in the air as they cross the street, and it's been met with positive feedback. The actual crosswalk seen below.


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