This fall, Washington voters will be asked if they want to have their wallets hit with the nation's first ever carbon, or pollution, tax. Yet, a number of environmental groups are against the idea. Before you start thinking they're pro citizen or business, read on.

In a development that's even getting the attention of Fox News, a number of groups are against Initiative 732 because the money raised from the carbon tax would NOT be used to grow state government.

The plan calls for taxes to be placed on businesses, industries, even citizens, based upon the amount we reportedly pollute. However, the plan would lower the state's sales tax, provide cuts for some 400,000 lower income people, and supposedly eliminate a tax on businesses that manufacture in Washington state.

This is being done to try to sweeten the plan that would jack up gas prices a minimum of $.25 cents per gallon. It's called by some a redistribution of wealth, because it would give tax breaks to 400,000 supposedly lower income residents.

But a number of environmental groups are against it because they want all the money to go towards governmental green energy programs. Even Fox News commentators called their stance hypocritical, and pointed out how this reinforces the proof that environmental groups want the government to be used to enforce their controversial policies.

The Audubon Society of Washington state is one of the groups now not supporting the idea.  Independent studies claim a similar tax in place in British Columbia for eight years, without any economic effect.

However, the economies are completely different, as Canada is a far more socialist nation, with a dollar far weaker than ours.

Analyst Todd Meyers of the Washington Policy Center said this about the news:

“They’re more afraid of tax cuts, they only want a government solution, and so they’re willing to destroy an effort that would actually reduce carbon emissions, make us more energy efficient, because they care more about government than climate change.”


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