John McKay
John McKay

We're strongly suggesting this guy might be a candidate for a psych evaluation, based upon his recent behavior.

Stanfield Police and Umatilla County Deputies are reporting late last week, a man called 911, reporting someone was trying to break into his apartment. Officers were dispatched from Stanfield, but found no trace of anyone. That's when the bizarre string began.

Over the next few hours on February 15, the same man called 911 another 44 times. Finally, the dispatcher sent officers to the apartment, where the man was questioned. After giving Stanfield Police a fake name, 38-year-old Alfredo David Luvianos (his REAL name) arrested for not only a parole violation, but 47 total counts of misuse of 911.

He's now in the Umatilla County jail, and authorities are still trying to figure out what prompted him to call that often. No mention if he was inebriated or under the influence of any narcotics.

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